Akira Supreme for Space Academy 👻

Space Academy x Matt Gondek

Matt Gondek Michaelangelo

Matt Gondek Michaelangelo 30″x40″ on canvas


We’ve teamed up with deconstructive pop artist Matt Gondek for a special collaborative project of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Featuring the artist’s rendition of our iconic Moon Man logo, the project takes things to a whole new level with meticulous attention to detail given to the artwork, resulting in a very unique and vibrant illustration.

Exploding Moon Man

Space Academy x Matt Gondek – Exploding Moon Man

Both the t-shirts and sweatshirts will be coming in multiple colorways and will be available on June 1, 2016 at 12AM EST. Stay posted for more information and updates leading up to the release.

New WebStore Releases: July 2015

Space Academy Distant Planet Tee:




Neon Name Logo Snapback:


Cartoon Moon Man Snapback:


Space Academy Summer ’15 Editorial

Summer is finally here and we’re super stoked about our Summer ’15 collection. For this project we collaborated with Las Vegas based photographers Jimmy and Shayna at CrooksLife Photography. Shot in the famous Las Vegas graffiti district, their primary work is a unique blend of high quality imagery and expressive-style. The visual stories they create explore various cultural ideas by placing images at the center of a specific scenic setting or theme.

The Space Academy Summer ’15 collection is available in-store now, web release soon to follow.

Fall ’14 – Fusion Line Headwear Collection Lookbook by Crooks Life Photography

SpaceAcademy (22)

Check out the Space Academy Fall ’14 – Fusion Line Headwear Collection Lookbook, shot by our good friends at Crooks Life Photography | p://bit.ly/1rKnVPH

Space Academy Kids Summer ’15


Space-Academy-Kids-(Blog)We have stepped it up yet again. Introducing Space Academy Kids! Our kids range consists of a collection of graphic t-shirts featuring some of our most iconic logo graphics. Look for the collection to release sometime early June 2015, just in time for Summer!

Fall/Winter 2014

All online orders have officially been sold out and have left the building. Our online store will be closed in order for us to prepare for the upcoming season. We will re-open on Sept. 1 with new products for the Fall as well as a few end of Summer items. Thank you for supporting!

The Run Down :: Bandung Sneakers Market

Once again we find ourselves in Indonesia for the 1st day of the Bandung Sneakers Market Exhibition. As the capital city of West Java, Bandung’s shops are filled with products of this far-flung archipelago as well as imported goods.

photo1Bandung is also renowned for its shopping, particularly for shoes, textiles, clothing and denims which are found in the colorful Jeans street . Easily reached from Jakarta by train , road or air (the scenic train trip is recommended), Bandung, with its cool mountain air is a popular second stop for those visiting the national capital and an essential stay-over for travelers en route through Java.

photo2Shopping centers are in abundance. The Alun-alun area is surrounded by shopping centers, particularly in Jl. Dalem Kaum. Bandung Indah Plaza is the most luxurious shopping center in Bandung. Nearby City Hall in Jl. Merdeka, it is a new favorite place for the younger generation.

A Spaceborne Perspective

NASA ImageThis image was taken by @nasa on October 11, 2000, during Terra orbit 4344. This true-color view of the northeastern United States was taken from the instrument’s nadir or downward-looking camera and includes a fitting display of the reddish colors of soils, grayish-whites of urban areas and clouds, and blue hues of water. Greetings from Space!

Photo credit: NASA/LaRC/JPL, MISR Team

NASA x Space Academy Supply Co.

NASA x Space Academy Supply Co.

Next Fall, Space Academy will join NASA to release the Space Academy Space Military Collection.

The highly anticipated collection will include very innovative custom ‘cut and sew’ pieces, and will be available in extremely limited quantities.

The collection will include button ups, jackets, flight suits, backpacks, gloves etc.

More content, announcements and previews of the Space Academy Space Military Collection coming soon.